True Love

What is love? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself that question? There are certainly a lot of answers floating around in our society. Some of those answers speak with actual voices, and some speak simply with actions.   Sadly, there are plenty of bad notions about love floating around. Let’s think of some things […]

The Beauty of Friendship

My brother had to go to the hospital this past week (he’s going to be fine now, for which I’m very thankful). My family and I rallied around my brother and around one another, as my brother had to face his unexpected trial. Of course, such an experience is always worrisome and wearying. Yet we […]

Hello, I’m Broken

Sometimes, don’t you just wish the people around you could “read” how you are feeling? It would be so much easier than trying to give an explanation, or having to pretend that everything is okay. There are definitely times when I wish that humans had a sixth sense so that I could just send off […]