A Blessing from Suffering

Perhaps it will sound odd if I admit that it is often in the midst of my greatest trials that I most appreciate the small things in my life. Somehow in the seasons of my greatest suffering I have gleaned immense pleasure from details that I would not have noticed in easier seasons. I remember […]

Small Things and Thankfulness

Sometimes, hard things pop up in life. We can have our heads down, trying to make it through life, when out of nowhere we are blindsided by a trial or challenge that troubles us deeply. Our nerves are set on edge. We lose our appetites. Our stomachs feel like they are swimming, yet wrapped with […]

Longing for Days Gone by

Sometimes, all we want is for time to do the unheard-of and move backwards. Sometimes all we want is for what was to come back. Yet time moves forward, and as it marches on, it leaves behind a trail of outgrown friendships, forgotten favorite spots, morphed relationships and disappointed dreams. True, some of us look […]