A Variety of Friendships

Over the years of dealing with various struggles in my life, I have been blessed by so many different friends. None of these friendships have been quite the same, nor have I benefited from all of them in the same manner. Some of my friends have been in situations that have differed greatly from one […]

The Beauty of Friendship

My brother had to go to the hospital this past week (he’s going to be fine now, for which I’m very thankful). My family and I rallied around my brother and around one another, as my brother had to face his unexpected trial. Of course, such an experience is always worrisome and wearying. Yet we […]

To Hope, or Not to Hope…

I have to admit that I was planning to write about something completely different today. Yet, this one thought is running through my mind, and it is taking over this page. I am struggling with how one feels in the wake of disappointed hopes. Oftentimes, if we must deal with hard things, we deal with […]