Living in the Present

We humans can be inclined to live everywhere but in the present. It is so easy to waste this moment. This time we have now, we lose it so fast…and we miss it so easily. We can waste it with worry, or just as easily with wishing. Before you know it, right now is gone forever. And since “right now” is all that we ever have, if we go on missing “right now,” then we will miss all the life we will ever live.

This time, this “now,” is what I can affect. It is where I can actually exist. So what will I do with it?

Sometimes, I know, “now” is really painful. Sometimes we just want “now” to end. Yet even when the present is painful, it has purpose to it. We can see as much blessing, be as much blessing, or just hold on as well as possible. The alternative is that we can waste the moment we have (in ways such as those listed in the first paragraph) with no guarantee that the moments we end up getting down the road will ever be better. I slowly begin to wonder if mishandling the present isn’t one of the most efficient ways to make the world an ugly place.

There may be something very big that you are hoping happens to you someday. You may be thinking that “When that happens, then…” What about “now”? After all, what if “then” never happens? Or what if it doesn’t happen for a long time? Sometimes we put things off when we could choose to start making a difference, bettering ourselves, or growing now.

At the risk of sounding cliché, one of the things we are very bad about putting off is dealing with relationships with other people. We can come up with many reasons to not take positive steps toward loving those near to us “now.” However, once you have been through the loss of a loved one, you start realizing the tragic potential of putting off loving those around us.

But what if we’re afraid? What if we are holding back on “now” because whatever we are thinking of doing seems too daunting, too scary? What if it just feels too hard? What if we are choosing not to act now because we are hoping somehow we will feel stronger down the road?

I know that feeling. The decisions, new approaches, and changes we hope to make don’t have to be big for us to be afraid of them. Yet I have been told in my moments of greatest fear, “Don’t be afraid.” Slowly, I think I’m learning to listen.

I have one very good reason to not be afraid. It does not have to do with me or how strong I am. It has to do with the fact that someone else will help me. To find out more, please check out the “about” section of this blog. And please take a moment to simply appreciate how you can live your life in the present.


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