Winter to Spring

I don’t like winter. It’s absolutely freezing. It soaks into the ground so that the earth crunches when you step on it. Almost everything dies, and even life-giving water turns to ice.

Does your life feels like winter? I know that sometimes mine has. Sometimes I have felt as though life has frozen up every hope and every dream. All of my strength and energy have seemed to be sapped. Nothing seemed to work, and it appeared that the world was grinding to a halt… At least, my world was. Do you feel that way sometimes? Do you feel that way right now? Perhaps at such a time it occurs to you that instead of being blown about by “fate” you could choose to end your life. Or maybe you have lived with that idea for a long time.

Is suicide a reasonable way of handling a life that feels like winter? I certainly thought so for a long time. However, at some point I heard a new idea: that winter is always followed by spring.

If you look at the world around you in a typical four season climate, it’s actually true: winter does not go on forever. Eventually the ice slowly melts. Small green things dare to push up in the once frozen dirt. And then, before we even know it could be possible, a crocus blooms.

Can it be true for human life as well? I believe it can. It can if you look at the full picture. Usually on this earth our winters do let up. They may never completely go away, but times of happiness are possible. I have made it out of seasons that seemed unbearable and found that there were wonders on the other side, even if they were only small wonders. I have absolutely had moments where in my mind I have said to myself “I am so thankful I didn’t kill myself, so that I could live to experience this moment.”

If, however, an exception to this rule were to occur and one were to die in the midst of a winter that had been long and painful, there would still be hope of spring. That spring is called heaven. It is the best spring of all. It is not a partial spring, but a complete one. When I make it to heaven, I won’t have to settle for having less pain; I won’t have any pain at all. Please read more about this in the about section.

If you are in winter, please don’t give up all hope of spring. Somewhere off in the distance the birds are flying north.


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